Why Tech PR matters

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So your app is ready for the big launch? No one cares! Developing the best, smooth and user-friendly app takes forever. And now that you’re ready, what’s next? Seems like magic to just be featured in the world’s most renowned magazines? Not really. A good marketing & PR agency might be the best option you have. In case you’re not there yet and can’t afford one, you should definitely follow some basic steps to achieve visibility on an already crowded market. Tell a story You’re special and everyone should know about your story, about how you and your team have mastered […]

We do PR the Mike Butcher way

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One of our favorite tech influencers, Mike Butcher, shared some REALLY valuable insights on how to approach journalists, how to pitch news, how to push products and, all in all, how to NOT be one of those annoying PR reps. He basically says the press release is dead, and so should be email attachments and emails that don’t get to the point within 3 lines. The full article is available here. Most of his points are valid and spot on, especially for tech journalists focused around start-ups and new tech product released. Unfortunately, most of the PR folks and even the […]

How we got our Wunder name

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When we did the brainstorming session for figuring out how we should call our small PR boutique, we came across some interesting options. As PR professionals, we truly understand the power of words and knew that the name we would give to our small business will impact our  activity on the long run. So we quickly realized we need something powerful, yet surprisingly accurate to describe out overall vision and also speak about the future impact of the work we’ll do for our upcoming clients. yeah, like….a miracle – said Sil, jokingly. What you should know about Sil, one of our […]