Why Tech PR matters

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So your app is ready for the big launch? No one cares!
Developing the best, smooth and user-friendly app takes forever. And now that you’re ready, what’s next? Seems like magic to just be featured in the world’s most renowned magazines? Not really.
A good marketing & PR agency might be the best option you have. In case you’re not there yet and can’t afford one, you should definitely follow some basic steps to achieve visibility on an already crowded market.

Tell a storyimages-2
You’re special and everyone should know about your story, about how you and your team have mastered the technological breakthrough.
Even though you might not be the type to brag about your results, it’s the only way you can make it into the most-read magazines. No one cares if your app is the best ever if it’s not revealing a unique story. Craft the story based on how you grew from one user to 100, the challenges of the first sale or the first client meeting you had. Some experiences are funny, most of them are serious, and some reveal the struggle most start-ups have had in the beginning.
Partner with the right ally
Find the right ones that really need you. Size matters, so don’t approach Google. Still, there is always somebody looking for your special skills, for the knowledge you own or for the determination you can bring on board. Don’t underestimate your powers and always highlight what you haWebve to offer. Partnering with the right companies can bring you the substantial visibility you might not have the budget to buy right now. Be open, sincere and even if you’ll be left with 75% of your hard work, the outcome will be worth it.

Find the right people
Imagine a downtown bar. Would you be able to have an interesting conversation with all the people there? Would all of them be in the best mood to listen to you? The answer to these questions is no. Apply the same principle for when reaching out to tech journalists…Your press release can’t appeal to all, but to some, it will. Get to know them, offer your time and commitment, help them with numbers, statistics and of course, your unique story.

Don’t spam – karma is real
Please don’t search for journalists’ email address and don’t send a generic Hello, my app is launched…. It will only get you banned from their inboxes putting you on the black list. Instead, follow journalists online, read their work, be genuinely interested in their articles, and always attend events in your industry.


We hope your app launch goes great!
but just in case you’re looking for an experienced professional team to take care of marketing the app for you, just drop us a line..

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