How we got our Wunder name

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When we did the brainstorming session for figuring out how we should call our small PR boutique, we came across some interesting options.

As PR professionals, we truly understand the power of words and knew that the name we would give to our small business will impact our  activity on the long run.

So we quickly realized we need something powerful, yet surprisingly accurate to describe out overall vision and also speak about the future impact of the work we’ll do for our upcoming clients.

yeah, like….a miracle – said Sil, jokingly.

What you should know about Sil, one of our co-founders, is that apart from being very funny and ironic, she is also a fluent German speaker, so it didn’t take long for her to reply to her own mockery:

Wait. I think got it.

What about WUNDER? It means “miracle” in German. Wunder Promotion.

Wunder Promotion. Sounds so right, doesn’t it? And that was that.

We love it because we know that everybody needs a miracle once in a while. And even if we don’t necessarily get miracles when we need them, we all know stories of miracles happening and those stories are amazing each and every time. And we also love great stories.

We also know that good promotion is often a miracle for putting a business on the radar.

And that’s the kind of miracle we can make happen. 

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